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Citizen Limbo

  The doorbell buzzes. It is probably Alfredo, our neighborhood auxiliary policeman who is not so old but is missing a prominent front tooth. He visits periodically to collect our twenty-peso contribution to his force-of-one. More often, he drops by … Continue reading

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Studying “Death Trains” in Mexico: An Homage to Bravery

On our second morning in Mexico City, my son’s Matchbox convertible somehow landed in sludge. Ellen, as I’ll call her here, who is my husband’s colleague (and my closest fellow gringa mother, or comadre, here in Mexico), took off her … Continue reading

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Baby Steps Down the Path to Citizenship (Part I of ??!)

My husband and I—both born and raised U.S. citizens—have lived in Central and South America in the past, and on both sides of the border, in New and Old Mexico; so we have heard a lot of immigration stories. We … Continue reading

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What Rough Beast Comes Slithering?: On Reporting Mexico

One of the biggest challenges moving to Mexico was factoring risk. Last year, amidst numerous travel warnings, our university closed down its undergraduate programs in Morelia, Michoacán, where we were planning to spend the following school year. Then, in June, … Continue reading

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Paper and Glue: Thoughts on Nonimmigrating to Mexico

On Friday, at 9:00, I am supposed to appear before Mexican immigration. I must bring my dossier—the one we’ve been compiling visit after fruitless visit—and my son. In theory, we will at last be granted nonimmigrant visas that will mean … Continue reading

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