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La Venganza Baby

La venganza—that’s what stomach distress is called in Mexico. Moctezuma’s revenge on Mexico’s invaders. La venganza set in for me the Saturday before Christmas. We’d been at a party until our toddler broke Baby Jesus out of the nativity scene … Continue reading

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16,000 Reasons Not To Have My Baby In The US?

My very first, all’s well prenatal appointment with a nurse midwife came with a $16,000 bill. I was a graduate student. My husband was a graduate student. This meant that we were frugal, but we were also good at research. … Continue reading

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Medical School For All!: Mexico’s ‘Rejects’ Strike Back

This month, my anxieties about Mexican medicine have been swelling at about the same rate as my belly. If this continues, I’ll be immobile by the Day of the Dead.

Michoacán’s outrageously good ice cream, which is sold on every street corner as if to torture pregnant women, may have much to do with the burgeoning belly. And lately, a movement that goes by the unfortunate name of “the Rejecteds”—or, more correct in English though harsher than the Spanish, “the Rejects”—is making headlines that fuel my fear. As someone with a growing stake (twenty-two weeks!) in Mexican health care, I confess that I am inclined to second the rejection of the Rejecteds. Continue reading

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