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Hands-On Treatment

While the U.S. is getting its underwear in knots over airport pat-downs, here in Mexico I’m starting to long for a little hands-on treatment. From my O.B. Yes, it’s gotten to the point—34 weeks, to be precise—that I look at … Continue reading

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In the Market for Lemons: Buying My Mexican Car

I try, I really do, to do without. When we moved into our house in Mexico, I endured a full two weeks of cold showers before I climbed up to my roof with a lighter and a Leatherman knife and … Continue reading

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Sundays in Mexico

Most Sundays here in Mexico, I take my son to the market a few blocks from our home in Morelia’s colonial old town. Some weeks my husband comes too, even when he feels behind in his work, but other than … Continue reading

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Ring of Fire: A Sad Day in Morelia

Last night, Morelia was under siege. Michoacán’s cartel, La Familia, in retribution for the arrest of two of its members yesterday in a Pátzcuaro restaurant, set fires on all the roads into the capital city. One gas station burned; trucks … Continue reading

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