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The Bravest Woman in Mex—the World?

I have been intending to write one day about the female police officers here in Mexico. There are many of them, and that surprised me. I am not above stereotyping Mexicans as machistas and pretty señoritas, as tough guys and … Continue reading

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16,000 Reasons Not To Have My Baby In The US?

My very first, all’s well prenatal appointment with a nurse midwife came with a $16,000 bill. I was a graduate student. My husband was a graduate student. This meant that we were frugal, but we were also good at research. … Continue reading

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Living with Scorpions

Yesterday, and only a week overdue, I submitted an article in which I made light of typical traveler anxieties, from the microbial right on up to the tectonic. Twelve hours later, Mexico had me eating crow. This comeuppance occurred in … Continue reading

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What Rough Beast Comes Slithering?: On Reporting Mexico

One of the biggest challenges moving to Mexico was factoring risk. Last year, amidst numerous travel warnings, our university closed down its undergraduate programs in Morelia, Michoacán, where we were planning to spend the following school year. Then, in June, … Continue reading

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